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Labor and Time Management

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Time and Attendance

No micromanaging is needed. Save yourself the 10-minute check-ins and unwarranted desk drop-bys. Get full insight into your team’s productivity with our real-time tracking software. You will have total control over your employees’ time cards with structured time reporting to know exactly how and when they track their time. 

Whether you have one or several thousand employees, enjoy access to streamlined timesheets, mobile clock-ins, time-off requests, and job cost reports. Plus manager approvals automatically sync to your payroll to save you time and give you peace of mind.


Transparent Scheduling

Can’t remember when Kendra is headed to Colorado or what day Amir is supposed to work? Save time on scheduling with our powerful tools that let you build, manage, and change your employees’ schedules with just a few clicks.

Our dynamic scheduling system is a win-win for employers and employees. With streamlined email communication and easy-to-view schedules, your employees can find their own shift replacements. Make the switch and consider scheduling nightmares ancient history! 

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Labor Allocation

Ever feel like money is going down the drain? Make informed labor decisions and keep track of your costs through our labor allocation software. Easily identify where your dollars are going and use that data to better plan your HR efforts. Our system allows you to create personalized parameters to easily view your labor spend according to department, title, location, and more. 

As a result, you can compensate your team for exactly what they’re owed and use the extra funds to plan company fun.