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and Checklists

Say goodbye to the paper trail and move into digitalization with HCM Solutions. Secure online documentation and checklists all in the palm of your hand. We mitigate operational expenses by reducing your paper processes and eliminating time-consuming admin tasks. Our HR software keeps you organized, reduces risk, and increases efficiency. We do this by enabling you to conveniently sort, input, retrieve, and archive documents digitally. 

You will never have to lose sleep over keeping your employee information safe. We safely store and secure employee W-4 tax withholding forms, I-9 employment eligibility forms, emergency contact sheets, safety policies, employee handbooks, exit interviews, healthcare reform documents, and more. In addition, we also help you to stay compliant with U.S. government agency requirements. 



Say bye, bye, bye to complicated benefit enrollment! We make benefits administration a breeze with automated, self-service enrollment processes. Free yourself from mountains of paperwork and put flexible benefit planning in the hands of your employees. Our system effortlessly guides your team through choosing their plans, allows them to test their deductions, and automatically updates payroll after they’re done. 

You can easily set deduction amounts, enrollment dates, and new-hire waiting periods in the blink of an eye! We’ll save you from overpaying on benefits by generating accurate reports that support you with all the information needed to efficiently manage your employees. 

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ACA Reporting

Trying to stay up to date on government regulations is ACA (a courageous act). Leave the ever-changing rules to the politicians and Affordable Care Act compliance to us! We make ACA compliance stress-free by generating reports, giving you employee/employer statements, and calculating possible penalties so you can make informed decisions on your employees’ healthcare coverage. 

We will also keep you updated on employer requirements and take care of filing out all necessary forms with the IRS.

*We automatically include this service for clients with 50+ employees.


Government and
Compliance Info

Don’t let your dreams come crashing down: protect yourself against audits and penalties. We specifically designed our government and compliance software to help you. Employment laws are quickly and constantly evolving—we stay on top of changes to reduce your risk and prepare you to handle any situation. 

Sleep soundly knowing our software is hard at work keeping your employees’ data accurate, easily accessible, and well-organized. We even help you build and generate the reports you need in their government-required formats.

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Don’t get bit by incorrectly managed COBRA benefits. Our automated software monitors regulation changes, tracks key dates, collects and remits premiums, sends monthly transaction statements, and mails all required correspondence to reduce liability when managing your employees’ benefits. 

We manage COBRA-eligible events such as reduced hours, medicare, employee deaths, voluntary or involuntary termination, divorce/separation, loss of dependent-child status, and retirement. 



Erase complicated carrier task requirements. Make 401k reporting a breeze by mapping, formatting, and automating your plan report to meet carrier specifications. Forget manually entering data each pay period—we save you countless hours and reduce errors by submitting accurate reports for you. So your sensitive employee information stays secure.

Say goodbye to time-consuming tasks without sacrificing the security of your information. We keep employee names, hire dates, wages, SSNs and other sensitive information private for just you.