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Applicant Tracking

Don’t let top talent slip through your fingers. Keep track of applicants at all stages of the hiring process with our online software that provides a seamless experience for you and the candidate. Our software helps you attract the right employees by automatically posting jobs to your company website and top career sites.

Once applications come rolling in, we help track the data you need to hire your dream team. Say goodbye to paper applications and missed interview follow-ups! 



Starting a new job can be scary and complicated onboarding can be daunting. Set your team up for success through paperless onboarding that simplifies how they join your team. Our software transitions new hires quickly and painlessly by providing them with all the documentation they need. 

Empower your new employees to self-onboard before their start date so you can focus on training.

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Background Checks

It's essential to know who’s working for you. We can provide fast background checks that screen your candidates and improve your hiring decisions. Quickly sift through potential talent and eliminate the risk of hiring the wrong person. We securely check applicant-entered data and allow you to hire candidates easily upon advancement. 

Customize the way you screen with a variety of databases and packages for companies of all sizes.



Avoid the heartbreak that comes from finding out your perfect candidate isn’t eligible for employment. We provide quick E-Verify software that verifies employee identity and eligibility as an extension of Form I-9. Once data entry is complete and employment is verified, we securely store your completed I-9s to comply with government regulations and reduce the risk of audits, penalties, and more. 


Tax Credits

Don’t leave money on the table. Understanding tax credits can be a headache. We identify government incentives available to your company and alert you automatically. We can even reduce or eliminate your federal income tax liability! Be instantly informed of potential credits and lowered corporate tax rates to not only improve your bottom line, but overall financial performance.